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Data Analysis with Python

This course provides a concrete first step in learning data analysis
  • Intermediate
  • Online Classes
  • Total 10 hours in class
  • Data Analysis with Python


This course is suitable for those who already have basic knowledge of Python programming. Our Python Programming for Beginners Training Courses cover all of the prerequisites.

Class Details

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language which has become the language of choice for data analysis, data visualisation and machine learning. This Data Analysis with Python course provides a concrete first step in learning data analysis.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Data Analysis
    • What is data analysis
    • Why data analysis
    • Types of data analysis
    • Process flow of data analysis
  2. Introduction to NumPy
    • Pandas & NumPy Intro
    • Numpy Arrays & Array Properties
    • Array Creation
    • Random Number Generation
    • Indexing & Slicing Arrays
    • Array Operations
  3. Introduction to Pandas
    • Defining pandas library
    • Why do we need pandas library
    • Pandas data structure
    • Exploring the data of a DataFrame
    • Selecting data from DataFrame
    • Data cleaning in pandas DataFrame
    • Grouping and aggregation
    • Sorting and ranking
    • Adding row into DataFrame
    • Adding column into DataFrame
    • Dropping the row/column from DataFrame
    • Concatenating the dataframe
    • Merging/joining the dataframe
    • The merge() function
    • The join() function
    • Writing the DataFrame to external files.
  4. Data Visualisation with Matplotlib
    • What is data visualisation
    • What is Matplotlib
    • Getting started with Matplotlib
    • Line plot using Matplotlib
    • Customising the plot
    • Some basic types of plots in matplotlib
    • Export the plot into a file

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