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Programming with Python for Beginners

Learn the essential topics to start programming with Python
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  • Online Classes
  • Total 12 hours in class
  • Programming with Python for Beginners


No existing knowledge of Python programming is required. You'll need a laptop with Python installed and an Internet connection.

Class Details

This course is designed for beginners who wish to become Python programmers or tutors. It is a virtual classroom-based course that covers the essential topics to start programming with Python.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Python
    • Getting Python
    • Python IDLE
    • Comments in Python
    • Online Python Compilers
  2. Variables and Data Types
    • Creating Variables
    • Naming Variables
    • Standard Data Types
    • Type Conversion or Casting
    • Python User Input
    • Using f-strings
  3. Operators
    • What are operators in python?
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Assignment operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Logical operators
    • Identity Operators
    • Membership Operators
  4. Working with Numbers
    • Integers
    • Floats
    • Numbers and String Together
    • Built-in Python Mathematical Functions
    • Python Decimal Format
    • Underscores in numbers
    • Random Number
  5. Python Strings
    • Accessing characters in a string
    • Changing a String
    • Deleting a String
    • Python String Operations
    • String Membership Test
    • Built-in String Methods
    • Python Escape Characters
    • Using the format() Method
  6. Lists
    • Accessing elements in a list
    • Negative indexing
    • List Slicing in Python
    • Adding, Modifying and Removing elements
    • Other Useful List Methods
    • List Membership Test
  7. Tuples
    • Creating a Tuple
    • Accessing Elements in a Tuple
    • Modifying a Tuple
    • Removing Elements from a Tuple
    • Tuple Methods
    • Tuple Membership Test
  8. Sets in Python
    • Creating Python Sets
    • Modifying a Set
    • Removing Elements from a Set
    • Python Frozenset
    • Python Set Operations
    • Set Union
    • Set Intersection
    • Set Symmetric Difference
    • Python Set Methods
    • Set Membership Test
    • Built-in Functions with Set
  9. Python Dictionary
    • Accessing values in a Dictionary
    • Adding new key-value pairs
    • Modifying values in a key-value pair
    • Removing key-value pairs
    • Python Dictionary Methods
    • Dictionary Membership Test
    • Dictionary Built-in Functions
    • Nested Dictionaries
  10. Decision Making
    • Python if Statement
    • Indentation
    • Python if…else Statement
    • Python if…elif…else Statement
    • Python Nested if Statements
    • Short Hand if ... else
    • Membership Test
    • Python Switch Statement
  11. Loops in Python
    • Python While Loops
    • Python for Loop
    • Looping Through a String
    • The break Statement
    • The continue Statement
    • The range() Function
    • Else in For Loop
    • Nested Loops
  12. Functions
    • Creating and Calling a Function
    • Arguments
    • Keyword Arguments
    • Default Parameter Value
    • Passing a List as an Argument
    • Return Values
  13. Python Dates and Times
    • Getting the Current Date and Time
    • Getting today's year, month and day
    • Time object to represent time
    • Getting hour, minute and second
    • Python datetime object
    • Formatting Date and Time
  14. Exceptions Handling
    • Using try…except statement
    • Concrete exceptions
    • Using else
    • Using finally

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