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SQL for Beginners

Learn all the essentials of Structured query language (SQL)
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  • Online Classes
  • Total 8 hours in class
  • SQL for Beginners


You should have basic computing knowledge.

Class Details

This training course will teach you the essentials of SQL. In this course you’ll learn how to use SQL to create a database & tables, retrieve data from a database, filter data, aggregation, use functions, subqueries, join multiple tables and create views.

Course Outline

  1. Understanding Databases and DBMS
    • Database and DBMS
    • Introduction to MS SQL Server
    • Introduction to Azure SQL Database
  2. Structured Query Language (SQL) and T-SQL
    • Introduction to SQL and Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
    • USE Command
    • Create Databases using SQL
    • Drop Databases using SQL
    • Creating, Altering and Removing Tables using SQL
    • Commenting and Saving SQL
  3. Data Manipulation Language
    • Introduction to DML
    • INSERT statements
    • UPDATE statements
    • DELETE statements
  4. Retrieving Data
    • Introduction to the SELECT Statement
    • Retrieving Columns
    • Using DISTINCT to find unique values
    • Concatenating Columns
    • Creating Calculated Field
    • Limiting Results by using TOP Clause
  5. Filtering Data
    • Using WHERE for filtering
    • Using the NOT operator
    • Using the LIKE operator
    • Using IS NULL and IS NOT NULL
  6. Sorting Data Using ORDER BY
    • Sorting Data
    • Sorting by Multiple Columns
    • Specifying Sort Direction
  7. Aggregation and grouping
    • Grouping by fields
    • Using HAVING to filter results
  8. Using Functions
    • LEFT and Right
    • MONTH
    • YEAR
    • DAY
  9. Combining multiple SELECT Results
    • UNION
  10. Using Subqueries
    • Introduction to Subqueries
    • Filtering by Subquery
    • Subqueries in the SELECT clause
  11. Joins
    • Inner joins
    • Table aliases
    • Left and right outer joins
    • Full outer joins
  12. Creating and Using Views
    • Introduction of Views
    • Creating Views using SQL

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